We will disrupt your meeting!

Let’s talk about disruptions.  Not the kind you call security for, but the kind that very current research shows can dramatically increase engagement participation in your meeting.

Gone are the days when conference, meeting and seminar attendees are happy to sit in a presentation and view slide after slide of presentations.  Within very short time, your audience is distracted and loses focus.  Add to that a networking session where only the extroverts engage and you have a formula for poor reviews and low attendance.

So what do you do? Disrupt your own meeting!

Here are just a couple of ideas:

  • Interactive polling, questions and dialog during sessions
    • When we can present the audience with questions, quizzes or polls during the event and encourage them to respond from their phone, we are using FOMO (fear of missing out) to grab and hold their attention.  As a bonus, the presenter can see real-time questions and get feedback which lets them tailor their comments for the best response.


  • Art Perfomances
    • During your breaks (you are taking breaks, right?) how about actual artists doing their craft?  Sculptures, performers, body painters, human statues – the possibilities are endless.  An artistic break from learning engages the other half of the brain, refreshing your audience!


  • Moderated Networking
    • Social mixers are a great way for people who already know each other to catch up.  But here’s the catch – almost 78% of attendees rate networking as a top reason to attend, but very few are comfortable doing it.  Let us show you how to create fun, fresh ways to make networking effective



These are just three of many fresh, disruptive ideas.  Compton Event can help design and manage engaging, fun and innovative disruptions for your meeting.  Drop us a line!