The first thing they see is your headshot

Many times the first thing a potential client see’s of you is your corporate headshot.  Whether it is on LinkedIn, your company’s employee page, or on your own site it is your calling card. So what should it be?

We all seem comfortable posting selfies.  Selfies share our personality, our adventures, our lives with the world. These are a window into who we are as a person.

But unlike your personal social media, your work headshot should be approached as a deliberate image of who you are in your career. Put simply, when you meet a business contact for the first time, they should not be surprised at how you look in person. If a client is distracted by the fact that they were expecting someone else, you have lost the first several minutes of your meeting as you try to rebuild rapport.

While many times people try to go for the glamorous, stylized headshot, and prepare for their headshot by shopping for a new outfit, and getting hair and makeup done. is this really the best way to set expectations for your client?No.  It is not.

On top of that, the most common question I get is “Can you make me look 10 years younger?” followed closely by “Can you take 10 pounds off?”.  The answer to both is “Yes, but I won’t”.

As a veteran of the high-volume headshot business, my job is to make you look exactly like you will in person. BUT, that doesn’t mean that I won’t take great pains in lighting and editing – I will, and I will explain why.  Our eyes and brain work together to focus on what is important and slightly ignore what is not.  In person, we see eyes, general face shape, hair, and quickly make a general overall image in our mind.  But, the camera sees every detail with the same importance.  Shadows under the eyes, skin texture, blemishes… things that we don’t focus on in person are preserved in painstaking detail.

In the early days (back when film was the standard), photographers routinely used a “soft focus filter” on the camera.  The purpose of this filter was to even out all of these distractions. Today, we strive for more and more megapixels in our cameras.  That means more detail is captured.

So, we have a very specific process for high-volume headshots that addresses this issue.  First we use very broad light sources.  No dramatic, moody lighting.  Even, flat light designed to fill in any shadows (underthe eyes, under the neck) and even out the skin texture goes a long way to making you look like you.  Then, we have a very quick skin smoothing process that leaves natural texture but de-emphasizes blemishes, freckles, and other color variations.  Finally, we do a quick manual retouch on three specific areas: Inside and under the eyes, creases from the nose down to the sides of the lips, and any remaining visible lines on the neck. All of this results in a natural, flattering image that your client will appreciate.

Your professional profile picture is your calling card.  Make it count!


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