Theatre and Dance Photography

Theatre and Dance Photography

Compton is the premier photographer of live performances in the Midwest.

Working with Producers, Directors, and Promotions Staff, we capture the essence and energy of your unique production in stunning detail.

We provide images that are perfect for:

  • Pre-production promotion
  • Production archive and viral marketing
  • Theatrical and Dance Studio business
  • Studio Photo Day for Dance studios
  • Live dance recital and competition photography and videography
  • Company and Crew memory products for theatre
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Why us:

We pay attention to the latest in theatrical lighting. When other photographers cannot accommodate the changes, we thrive on finding the right solutions.

For example, many venues have added LED lighting to their existing lights. While this provides dramatic improvements in the ability of the lighting designer to enhance the show, it creates havoc for most cameras (and photographers) for two reasons. First, the basic color of ‘white’ is different. And, second, the intensity available is much greater leading to incredible ‘dynamic range’ (the difference between the bright and dark areas) on stage.

Another trend is for darker scenes. Just a few years ago, cameras didn’t have to deal with tracking motion, focusing, or getting an image in near darkness. We are constantly updating our equipment in order to be able to get great results even in the most difficult of situations.

Our photographers have the right equipment AND know how to set up the equipment to handle the unique lighting in each production, so you will get the absolute best imagery available!

How we work:

We work with a simplified booking process.

For theatrical productions:

  • Flat rate fee for single-session photography, or,
  • Custom program where we offer memory products to cast and crew, with reduced or no fee for the production company.

For dance productions:

  • Online galleries for studio photo day where parents and students can preview and order photos,
  • Online galleries for competitions where parents and students can preview and order photos,
  • Flat rate for live recital photography, also with online gallery .


How do the theatre flat rate photos work?

For a flat fee, we will photograph your production and provide edited images via Dropbox.

Typically done during your final dress rehearsal, we will shoot with multiple cameras to get both wide-stage shots plus close-up emotional shots, and take a Cast photo as well.

We will then deliver your images, usually before opening night, via Dropbox.

You are encouraged to create DVD’s or Thumb Drives, and have those available to sell to your audience during the show. Companies that follow this advice often make a small profit from the photography!

How can you help with promotion?

We are experts in producing promotional photos for theatrical productions. Whether you need posters, social media, or simply headshots for programs, let us help bring your vision to life!

Tell me about those Memory Products for Cast and Crew?

The cast and crew of your production give up so much time to make your vision come to life. Give them an opportunity to remember the magic!

Thumb drives of production photos, Cast photos, Director’s gifts, Customized Posters for each cast member, or even Photo Memory books….

We produce the products in-house and deal directly with your Company. Let us help keep talent coming back to your productions!

Who is Compton Theatre Photo?

Theatre Photography by Compton is a division of Compton Event. We provide promotional, production and business photography for all aspects of live performance in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois.

Pricing is flat rate for most production photography, and quoted for your specific needs for other uses. We provide generous publication and reproduction rights, and can provide memory products for cast and crew.

Phone: 913-297-3035


We are a Kansas Limited Liability Corporation based in Overland Park, KS.