Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots

A headshot is more than a selfie. A professional headshot is a well-lit, professional portrait taken with a purpose. The background and the style of the photo should match your industry and profession, and convey a sense of who you are professionally.

A current headshot is critical for:

  • Company Directories
  • Websites
  • Promotional Materials
  • Social Media
  • Visual Branding
  • Personal Marketing

And yet, very few people have a current, professional headshot!

Don’t worry, we can get you and your company up to date with our studio headshots.

Plus, we can help you stand out at conventions, trade shows and meetings by providing a Headshot Lounge where your attendees can get a complimentary headshot on the spot!


Studio Headshot

For individuals, we have convenient studio hours. A typical studio session takes less than 20 minutes, and includes hi-res and web-resolution digital images.

Studio headshots are available any day in our Overland Park studio, or by appointment at your location in the Kansas City Area.

For larger groups, we can bring the studio to you nationwide.

Headshot Lounge

Consistency is a key for success of your look and field for branding your professional identity. That is why Headshot Lounges are a fantastic way to show your patrons, clients or employees how much you care.

Our Headshot Lounge travels easily and sets up in a booth space, lobby, or small room.

We will photograph, edit, print and email headshots in minutes. With our high-speed systems and processes, we can easily handle any size group.

As a bonus, a Headshot Lounge is a great sponsorship opportunity as well!


Headshot Gallery



“I don’t take good photos”

Good news, we do! Everyone is nervous sitting for a portrait. That is why we have perfected the process to make it as quick and fun as possible. We can quickly make a connection, and bring out the best in your photo.

What should I wear?

For business headshots, you should wear the same style of clothing that you wear to work, to meet clients, or when you are at professional functions. Clients want to know what to expect, and who you are. Be real!

Can you retouch my photo?

Yes. Camera’s are harsh. Our eyes filter out minor blemishes, lines, and shadows but the camera does not. We will always light your session to flatter your appearance, and then do natural, soft edits so that your photo is pleasing and accurately reflects who you are.

How do you price headshots?

Studio headshots, whether in our studio or in the Kansas City Metro, are flat rate and based on the number of people.

Headshot lounges and remote studio sessions are based on a day rate, plus travel expenses.

How many people can a headshot lounge handle?

A typical lounge headshot, with posing, editing, printing and email delivery takes less than 2 minutes. And while one patron is receiving their photo, another is already being photographed. We can easily handle hundreds of patrons per day!

We need headshots of our entire company at our annual meeting. Can you handle that?

Yes! For bulk headshots, we typically set up at registration. Your employees register and immediately get their photo taken. For very large groups, we can set up multiple stations. We can do it!