On-Site Printing Services

On-site Printing

Do you want an instant give-away for attendees? On-site photo printing provides an immediate memento and memory for your function.

We are the fastest on-site printing system in the USA. Our systems can handle crowds like no other!

Our systems are perfect for:

  • Celebrity Photo Ops
  • Tournament Team Photos
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • On-Site Headshot Lounges
  • Red-Carpet Step-and-Repeat functions.

Our print-on-site system is designed to print 4”x6”, 5”x7” or 8”x10” prints. Full-sized photo prints are a great way to ensure that your event creates a memory.  Your logo, the event information, or even Sponsor info can be instantly overlaid onto the photos to create real ROI.

On-site printing can be used in multiple ways. For remote photos, such as golf tournaments, our photographers can roam the area and capture the images. Upon returning to ‘home base’ we can immediately produce the prints, so your patrons can pick up their memory when they return.

Or, for step-and-repeat situations, we can use an integrated camera to capture and print the image in one step. In addition, email kiosks can be provided so your guests can receive a digital copy at the same time!

Our systems are designed for very high volume and consist of a custom-built, proprietary combination of components. We design and build our own systems in-house as well!

We work with a simplified booking process that fits with standard business practices.  We quote a flat rate hourly fee, and we invoice after the event and offer a 30 day billing. No complicated offers, no riders, no deposits. Simply business.


What do you need for space, electricity, etc?

We require a single 110v outlet, or we can provide a generator for outdoor events. For remote shooting, a simple workspace is sufficient. For step and repeat situations, please allow a 10’x10’ space for our equipment.

How long does it actually take to print?

Our system can print two prints in 7 seconds (for 4×6 prints). This gives real-world results of 700-800 prints per hour. We are the fastest in the world!

Do you provide the attendees or does the client?

Aside from the speed and size of our prints, we are unique in how we staff our events. No boring, impersonal attendants hired at random. Our employees all show up in professional uniforms, and are trained to be entertaining and engaging. We want to make your event fun!