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Do you love the up close and personal live music experience?

Who’s Live Today is a local website that is dedicated to helping you find a great place, or several places, to spend the evening enjoying live music. With over 250 venues listed, we are far more extensive than any other app or website. Plus, you will only see music in clubs, restaurants and venues that are easy to get to and get in to. No concerts, sports, parties or anything else.

Who’s Live Today is perfect for when you want to see live music, nearby. We only show places that you can walk in to and start enjoying. Instead of trying to look at each website, facebook page, or google searching – now you can simply bookmark on your phone and have an up-to-date guide at your fingertips. And unlike other apps, we list every venue, not just those that pay us.

On, you can:

  • See a calendar of events
  • Search by favorite venue, artist, or type of live music
  • See a map of venues nearby
  • Rate and comment on your favorite artist
  • Go directly to a venue’s yelp listing
  • Bookmark your favorite artist or venue’s schedule
  • …and more! is free from ads, pop ups and annoying distractions. We are NOT a media company trying to sell you anything!