Green Screen and Photo Booth

Event Green Screen & Photo Booth

Do you want to create a unique photo experience and a memory for your attendees? Unlike a traditional, worn-out photo booth, we offer custom designed background themes for your event. Every person in the photo will receive a 4×6, 5×7 or 8×10 full-sized print AND have an instant social media copy to share the experience!

We are the fastest on-site green screen printing system in the USA. Our systems can handle crowds like no other!

Our green screen photo booth systems are perfect for:

  • Conventions
  • Trade Shows
  • Charity Events
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • On-Site Headshot Lounges
  • Parties

We work with a simplified booking process: Flat rate hourly fees with 30-day billing. No complicated offers, no hidden clauses, no deposits. Simply business!

green screen photographers setup


Green Screen Gallery

How it works

Our green screen photo booths are designed for very high volume and consist of a custom-built, proprietary combination of components. We design and build our own systems in-house as well!

This is what happens:

  1. When you book us, we discuss your theme or plans for your event. From this information, we provide 3 to 4 backgrounds. Customized add-on graphics  add a touch of flair for your specific needs (i.e. frames, company logos, special effects).
  2. We arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to your event. We will need an area that is in the main room of your event (to maximize usage) that is about 15’x15′.
  3. We will set up a 14′ wide backdrop, a table for props, purses, etc., and our custom equipment cart along with 2-4 iPad kiosks for social media sharing.
  4. Patrons will pick one of the backgrounds from a display we provide. Our energetic assistants will recommend props or costumes, and help pose the photo. The photographer will take the photo, and the patrons will come to the social media kiosks. Here, the photographer will deliver one full-sized print (not a tiny film strip!) to each person in the photo. Immediately, they can also email the image to themselves, and then share your event on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media. How long does this take? An incredibly short 10 to 15 seconds! We are known as the FASTEST photo booth in the nation for a reason!

Aside from the speed and size of our prints, we are unique in how we staff our events. No boring, impersonal attendants hired at random. Our employees all show up in professional uniforms, and are trained to be entertaining and engaging. We want to make your event fun!

green screen photography equipment and staff

Green Screen Photo Booth FAQs

Can we have more backgrounds?

Based on our extensive experience, we strongly recommend 3-4 backgrounds. Fewer than 3 and your patrons will not fully utilize the system, and more than 4 will slow down the decision process. We can certainly do more though if it makes your event more engaging!

Do you bring props?

Yes! We have props for dozens of themes, and will source what we don’t have for you.

What kind of props do you bring?

When we say “props”, we mean hats, accessories, theatrical items, and clothing that go with the theme. Our goal is to put your attendees in the action, and make the photo look authentic.

How is this different than a photo booth?

When most people envision a photo booth, the image that comes to mind is a sparkly background or curtain and funny mustaches, glasses, and other party favors. While these were fun for a few years, there is nothing unique about the photo. Anyone with a cellphone can take a selfie that is identical to what a photo booth provides. Our goal is to provide an experience and memory that is unique and fun, so your attendees remember your event!

What about Team Photos?

Our system is perfect for team photos! Whether it is a golf outing, charitable walk, or other event, we can take team photos on the course or in our space and print team photos along with your event logo (and a sponsor logo too!) on the spot. The only difference is that a green screen background is not typically used.

What does the client have to provide?

We need just a few things from you: Access to the venue, parking for our truck(s), space to set up, and some form of crowd control.

How do we get started?

Email us or fill out the “contact us” form. We will take it from there!