Event & Convention Photography

Event & Convention Photography (Candids)

Candid photos are the life and mainstay of convention and meeting promotion, archive, and documentation. There is a decisive moment when all aspects of the event come together to tell the story perfectly, and that leads to memorable and charismatic images.

Captivating images of your attendees having fun and being engaged in sessions, and clear photos of presenters and awards are essential for:

  • Promotion of future events to build attendance
  • Attracting debut guest speakers for future events
  • Visionary Presentation of your ideas and concepts

Most venues are not designed for photography. The lighting intensity and color varies from room to room, speakers are not always properly lit, and there are multiple rooms that need to be covered concurrently. Also, finding the right moment to capture the photo while the subject is engaged and smiling is not an easy task.

Our professional photographers are trained to handle all of these obstacles, and any unforeseen issues. The photographers are equipped with the latest equipment to make the most of the environment.

And don’t overlook the value of displaying current real -time photos on screens during breaks and meals. When attendees see themselves on screen, engagement increases!

We can provide on-site editors for frequent real-time feeds of photos to your A/V resources to make the most of your event!


Convention & Event Photography Gallery


How do you price candid photos and video?

Compton works with a straight-forward, simplified process. We always work for a flat rate based on time. The rate is fixed and all-inclusive of labor, travel, tax and post production.

Do you require a deposit?

We never require a deposit. Once the contract is signed, we are set to go!

What are your payment terms?

After the event, and only after we have delivered the finished products, we will send an electronic invoice with Net 30 terms. You have 30 days to pay online with a simple click, or to send a check.

Our event is large and spread out. Can you provide multiple photographers?

We have multiple photographers and videographers on our staff. We will schedule resources so that we can cover all of your needs, including concurrent sessions, different locations, and extended periods.

We want a professional appearance. What do your photographers wear?

All of our staff will arrive in crisp, logo’d company shirts for easy identification and either black or khaki slacks depending on the event.

Can we get the raw images?

In a word, no. What you get is much better. Raw images ALWAYS need work, especially when talking about candid photos taken by a handheld camera in difficult and changing situations. What you WILL get are full resolution, color correct, sharp images!

Do we get a release to use the photos?

Of course! We are unlike other companies that make you pay again to use the photos that you’ve already paid to have taken. All of our candid photos and videos come with an unlimited release for print or social media use.

How do you deliver our photos?

Within 24 hours of the conclusion of your event, you will receive a link to a web gallery of your photos. You can download all photos immediately. Plus, you are free to share the link to your colleagues or even patrons to find their photos! On your request, we can add a password or even make the gallery not visible to the public.