Aerial Photography & Video

Aerial/Drone Photography & Video

Drones are everywhere in the news, social media, and probably your back yard. Everyone seems to be posting their drone pictures. But why?
Aerial images have always been compelling. Helicopters and airplanes were once the only way to get good angles of difficult subjects. This is still true for many restricted airspaces and higher altitude requirements.
For lower altitude, open airspace drones are now a practical tool and are much less expensive. Some common and practical uses for drones are:
Inspection of rooftop or tower-mounted equipment
• Roofing inspections
• Detailed surveys of commercial properties
• Video of events to show size and scope
The key to success is to think of a drone or other aerial platform as simply another camera angle. These images and footage should blend with your story, and provide another way to convey your message.
So you can just get your own drone and go flying, right? Not so fast…..
Federal regulations require a licensed UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) pilot for any commercial use. That means any use that promotes your business or creates income.
Compton Event is fully licensed and insured in not only drone flight but traditional aircraft as well. We can get your images safely and professionally, with a quality that matches our ground-based imaging.


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