Do I really need professional photos?

Professional meeting photos are no longer needed right? Really, doesn’t everyone just take their own?

Think again. If you are not securing professional photos and using them to immediately increase engagement as well as promoting your event, you are wasting a great opportunity.

Let’s look at three basic types of meeting photography: Roaming candids, Speaker photos, and Vendor/sponsor photos.

Roaming Candid photos are just what they sound like.  A photographer is roaming the venue (most typically receptions, mixers, parties and crowds prior to a presentation) and specifically looks for attendees having fun, learning and generally glad to be there.  (While the occasional “smile and look at the camera” is fine, those have little value to the organizer).  During seminars or presentations, the photographer seeks out patrons who are clearly paying attention, taking notes, and engaging with the topic.

These specific photos are valuable.  If you are able to use them almost immediately, your attendees will pay attention and make sure that other attendees see their photo. Examples of immediate use would be to show photos on screen of morning attendees during meals and before sessions, or to have multiple ‘splash’ screens throughout the venue constantly showing photos.  When attendees see themselves, engagement increases almost immediately. After the event, when you are preparing for the next year, these photos are far more effective at promoting attendance than stock venue photos or other non-emotional images.

Speaker photos are specifically focused on the presentations, training and awards at your event.  The photographer positions themselves to get clear, crisp photos of the action on stage  and also finds patrons listening, clapping, and paying attention to the program. These are particularly difficult for inexperienced photographers because of the typical and room lighting, and available vantage points.  Speaker photos are also valuable for marketing, but in addition many of your presenters will truly appreciate a good photo of themselves on stage.  This goodwill gesture always helps when rebooking or searching for talent for the next event.

Finally, vendors who sponsor your event are looking for proof of ROI.  Photos of eager prospects asking questions and visiting trade show booths go a long way when booking vendors for the next event!


When choosing a photographer for your event, make sure to convey the value of the photos and what you are looking for.  If you have trouble finding the right fit, we would love to hear from you! Compton Event is one of the largest and most reliable conference, trade show and event photography companies in the United States.

*Immediate feeds are accomplished by an on-site editor.  Cropping, color correction and overlay of client graphics happens regularly throughout the day so the client get regular feeds of fresh images.