Let’s talk about backdrops

Let’s talk about photo backdrops.  Step and Repeat, Red Carpet, Photo Booth you get the picture.

The vast majority of the times that we are contacted about doing photos for volume events, the client mentions that they will provide a backdrop.  This sounds great, but in reality it probably isn’t the best way to go for several reasons.  Let’s take a look at the issues:

Vinyl – most backdrops are printed on vinyl. This backdrop is then rolled or, worse yet, folded before being delivered to the venue.  This creates wrinkles that simply do not go away.

Vinyl is by nature reflective.  So take that wrinkled shiny backdrop, point lights at it and you can imagine the unpredictable outcome of photos.  Reflections, shadows, and poorly visible graphics are almost guaranteed.

Size – Photos are rectangular.  People are tall.  Groups are always present.  So in order to have a backdrop big enough to accommodate all of these criteria, the backdrop needs to be huge – yet it seems that the standard is a square 8×8 or 10×10.  This simply doesn’t give a good result.  With a too-small backdrop, you can assume that it isn’t going to fill the whole photo.

Static – Since the backdrop is pre-produced, making changes is impossible.  If, for example, you are doing a logo wall and a new sponsor signs up, you cannot simply add their logo.  So your investment in the backdrop is very limited.

Not a unique experience – This is a big one!  If you provide a backdrop, rest assured that your attendees will want to take their own photo on their phone.  You loose all control over quality, lighting, and presentation.  Your sponsor’s will not have the same reaction if this happens.

Cost – You are paying for a large, custom piece of artwork and associated support hardware, and probably will not use it again.  What a waste!

Green Screen photo backdrop

So what is the alternative?  Green Screen.  Using a large green screen, we prepare custom, professional backgrounds (either a single or multiple). Then we can add custom graphics for your event or sponsors. Finally we photograph your patrons and instantly produce perfectly lit, custom photos that your patrons simply cannot do on their own. Green Screen backdrops are far more versatile and cost effective than vinyl or cloth for events.

The result is a unique experience with much higher impact than if you had used a static background.

To learn more about how Green Screen event photos can improve your event experience, contact us!