Facing the fear of headshots

If you’re anything like me, hey there I’m Alex, you’ll know the all too familiar anxiety that comes with getting a professional photo. How crazy right? A girl that works for a photography business that dreads professional photos? After attending the Ceridian* sales conference with Compton Event, it became very clear that I was not alone in this feeling. We were there to provide an easy opportunity to take and receive a professional headshot on the spot.

Well over half of those who were brave enough to face the lights told us they hadn’t received a recent headshot in over 5 years and some not at all. When asked the question “Why not?” their answers had nothing to do with convenience or even money….it was simply because they did not like how they looked in previous photos. Now, I’m not biased just because he’s my dad…okay I’m extremely biased but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong…Bob Compton has the skill to provide a perfect headshot every time.

The lighting was designed to present a natural, approachable image for use on LinkedIn and in marketing communications. Headshots are very different than portraits.  A professional headshot should convey confidence, approachability, and trust.  Plus, when you meet your client for the first time, they should not be surprised how you look.  For this reason, Bob uses a set of very large, flattering and even lighting.

Bob also explained to the attendees that while our eyes focus on a person’s important features and filter out the rest, the camera captures every minute detail.  The headshots are immediately edited to soften skin tones and remove distracting blemishes and shadows, so that the photo looks like they do in person.

Knowing that information should ease your anxiety at least a little. Headshots are not as scary as they seem to be and having one you like is extremely important. Are you an avid user of LinkedIn? Do you work for sales/marketing? Does your job require you working with other people? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should absolutely have a current headshot. Just how your days change day to day so does your appearance. When working with clients you want to make sure the vibe of your headshot matches the vibe of your personality.

Oh, by the way, in the course of 4 one-hour sessions, Compton Event captured, edited and delivered over 660 headshots for Ceridian! For more information, click here or drop us a line!



Alex is a recent graduate of the University of Arkansas with a degree in Hospitality Innovation and Event Planning.  Alex is an event planner and marketing assistant for Compton Event.






*Ceridian HCM, Inc. is a global human capital management (HCM) software company based in Minneapolis, MN.