Engage your attendees!

Are you having trouble coming up with ways to keep your meeting attendees interested? No? Think again.


It’s safe to say that we photograph more meetings, conferences and shows than just about anyone. The thing that jumps out at me when editing photos recently is just how many people are not paying attention! It’s easy to see: They are on Facebook, Twitter, Email, or just not engaged.

This is somewhat normal for everyone at times during long sessions. But more and more I am seeing it at social events and even during networking breaks. If you are wondering why your event isn’t sold out for the next year, pay attention to this!


Sometimes, the simple things are the most overlooked. One of these is right in front of us – helping attendees share their experience. I’m talking about PHOTOS.

Of course you are hiring us to create a story, to document, and to promote your event. But are you helping your attendees stand out?


Replace the selfie

Get them to put downs the selfie-cam by sending them their candid photos NOW at the parties! Using advanced technology, we can identify faces in photos instantly, and send them right to the people in the photo. Why is this important? Because it gets them to be present and engage with each other!


Give them a free headshot

What better way to say “Thanks for coming! Here’s a great perk just for you” than to offer them a free, professional headshot? With our high-speed headshot lounges, you can be the hero and help them feel better about themselves. Instantly!

For these and other ideas to help keep your meeting attendees interested, Contact Us!