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Post-Pandemic Guidance

Let’s talk about a Post-apocalypse/pandemic meeting environment. As vendors that supply services nationwide, we have been fortunate to work in many industries, and for hundreds of clients both small and large. Based on observing patron and vendor interactions for over a decade, and actively participating in meeting industry associations, we can weigh in on some […]VIEW POST »

Springtime is for Prom!

Springtime is for Prom!         Along with the spring time comes flowers, warmer weather, a few rain showers here and there, and maybe most importantly PROM!!   Recently I had the opportunity to work the Down Syndrome Prom held at the Overland Park Convention Center. This prom is put on every year […]VIEW POST »

Bob Compton

The first thing they see is your headshot

Many times the first thing a potential client see’s of you is your corporate headshot.  Whether it is on LinkedIn, your company’s employee page, or on your own site it is your calling card. So what should it be? We all seem comfortable posting selfies.  Selfies share our personality, our adventures, our lives with the […]VIEW POST »

Your pre-function is BORING!

Pre-funtions – we all know we need them.  That happy hour, mixer, whatever you call it lets your guests arrive at their leisure and be ready to go in to the main function on time.  And we all know that valuable networking can take place during these times.  But does it really? As a veteran […]VIEW POST »

Let’s talk about backdrops

Let’s talk about photo backdrops.  Step and Repeat, Red Carpet, Photo Booth you get the picture. The vast majority of the times that we are contacted about doing photos for volume events, the client mentions that they will provide a backdrop.  This sounds great, but in reality it probably isn’t the best way to go […]VIEW POST »

Do I really need professional photos?

Professional meeting photos are no longer needed right? Really, doesn’t everyone just take their own? Think again. If you are not securing professional photos and using them to immediately increase engagement as well as promoting your event, you are wasting a great opportunity. Let’s look at three basic types of meeting photography: Roaming candids, Speaker […]VIEW POST »

We will disrupt your meeting!

Let’s talk about disruptions.  Not the kind you call security for, but the kind that very current research shows can dramatically increase engagement participation in your meeting. Gone are the days when conference, meeting and seminar attendees are happy to sit in a presentation and view slide after slide of presentations.  Within very short time, […]VIEW POST »

Facing the fear of headshots

If you’re anything like me, hey there I’m Alex, you’ll know the all too familiar anxiety that comes with getting a professional photo. How crazy right? A girl that works for a photography business that dreads professional photos? After attending the Ceridian* sales conference with Compton Event, it became very clear that I was not […]VIEW POST »