But Why?

Recently, we formally launched the brand new version of the website.

If you are a frequent user, you know that this is by far the most extensive, user friendly and usable site on the planet for finding live music in the Kansas City area. For over 3 years we have been indexing, visiting, cataloging and finding places that you can go, without a ticket, and be entertained.

But why are we doing this? In short, because it was too hard for me to find out where to go!

A few years ago, my wife and I were invited to hear a local artist, Andy Dewitt, performing during happy hour on an outdoor patio at Bass Pro Shop (yes really).  Andy is a former band mate from years past, and I knew full well that he is one of the most talented artists in the area. But we weren’t prepared for the night.

Not knowing what to expect, the two of us went to check things out.  The first thing we learned is that the venue was way more than we expected.  Sitting on a nautical-themed patio, surrounded by a stream and foliage, it was if we we had travelled to an ocean-side bar. Why didn’t we know about this place?

Asking some questions, we learned that while they regularly feature entertainment, there is no published calendar.  It is up to the artist to promote themselves. That doesn’t work for me – that means that you have to know who you want to see, find their Facebook Page or Website, and check it regularly to see where they are.  Why doesn’t someone fix this??

The second thing we learned is that everyone there was really enjoying themselves. You can go out, have a drink and maybe some food, be entertained, and not have to spend a fortune or even plan ahead.  But you have to know where to go. Asking questions of the crowd, no one could name more than a few places to go where they could have a similar experience, and the ones that did always went to the same place.

Afterwards, I started doing some research.  I didn’t take long to learn that there aren’t just a few places in this town with live music, there are over 200.But unless you know where they are, and go to each website, you just don’t know what your options are. True, Yelp and Google show a few places, but they all draw from websites that may or may not be current.  Plus, they don’t give you the calendar, just the name of a place that sometimes has music.

So, I decided to fix this. Both for myself and for everyone else. Within a month, the first version of Who’s Live Today was born.  A simple list, nonetheless it was a valuable tool for the adventure seekers and casual couples alike.  A good friend started using it, and told me that he and his friends can easily see and visit 4-5 venues a night thanks to Who’s Live Today.

Within a few months, we passed 200 venues in  Kansas City with live music that we were tracking. A full-time staff scours the websites, social media and even makes old-fashioned phone calls to find these events.

Today, we launch the brand new version with HUGE new features.  You can search by artist, venue, date, or even type of music. You can check out a venue, see just their schedule, find them on Yelp, and even get directions. You can also see an Artist’s bio, leave a comment or give them a rating.

live music directory

Did I mention that it is totally free for users? No pop-ups, no ads. Ever.  I spent almost 9 months getting the interface friendly, fast, and usable no matter where you are. No other site takes you right to the information you want!

So who pays for this? It shouldn’t surprise anyone that venues benefit greatly from this visibility.  Many of them are becoming Premium Venues, which means that we give them even more perks. Promotion, more info on their page, and more.  Some are even totally outsourcing their calendar to us.  All for a small weekly fee. Thank them!

Within the next year we will be bringing this to other markets as well.  Lake of the Ozarks and Tulsa, OK are next, and then who knows?

If you enjoy our site, please help us spread the word!

Now get out there and enjoy some music!