Compton Event caters to Marketing Managers, Meeting Planners, Event Service Professionals, Venue Operators and Convention Organizers. We provide complete still and video imaging services,  “Boutique” Entertainment booking, and Equipment Rental.

We specialize in creating engagement and interactions.  Our photographers are not your average ‘professional’ – they are all trained in specific aspects of the job, and are selected for both their technical prowess and their outgoing personalities.  Plus, they are fully insured and professionally  attired.

Our target market is Meetings, Events, Conventions, Trade Shows, Fandom events, and special events in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois. We are available nationwide.

Bob Compton is the principal owner. Bob has over 35 years experience in Corporate America, including Operations Management and Sales and Marketing Leadership. Bob started Bob Compton Photography in 2009.