AV Equipment & Personnel

Camera Operators, Lighting, Equipment Rental, Show Production Staff.

Let us know what you need!

Site Selection and Negotiations

Let us help you select your meeting site, and optimize your commissions!

You may be getting a great room rate, but did you know that other negotiations are available? Let us help you get the best rates and commissions, including A/V and meeting spend!

Team Building Activities

We can design and organize team builders for small or large groups, including families and kids at your meetings. Give them memories beyond the seminar and wrap-up party!

Transportation Arrangements

Smooth arrangements to get your attendees there and back are essential!

We can organize the shuttles, parking, and movements at your destination. What do you need?

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors are eager for new, creative ways to help support your event!

Go beyond printed pens and goody bags. When you create a "stick memory", sponsors get their name in front of your patrons and see a bigger ROI. Let us help you stand out!

Exhibitor Booth Arrangement

Let's face it, organizing the trade show floor is tedious!

Let us take the burden and help with the bookings, arrangements, and organization of your next exhibit!

Live Talent

From pre-event entertainment to Emcees and Award Presenters to DJ's and Dancers, we have you covered!

Entertainment Booking